August 23, 2011

College Volleyball Scholarship Question

When your daughter has a scholarship.....which usually includes the room, board, books etc. Can you still get an outside (such as italian american, knights of columbus etc) scholarship to cover meal plans etc..
cannot find that anywhere..thanks..O.G.

Per NCAA rules, it depends upon the Amount of the Athletic Scholarship and the type of outside scholarship.

If your daughter is on a Full Athletic Scholarship (tuition, fees, room, board and books), then she is allowed to receive outside the institution non-athletically related or influenced scholarships up to the institutional Cost of Attendance figure.

Non-Athletically related/influenced scholarships are those you listed in your question along with many others.  The ones which are related or influenced by athletics cannot be accepted and these include 'athlete of the year awards', booster club scholarships, etc.

Full Athletic Scholarships are usually two to three thousand below the Cost of Attendance for the majority of colleges.  Many student-student athletes which come from tough financial backgrounds can accept the Federal Pell Grant to help cover such costs, in addition to their scholarships.

If your Athletic Scholarship falls below a Full Scholarship, then you have the opportunity to make up the difference with institutional academic and merit scholarships, but you cannot go over a Full with institutional money.  You can only exceed a Full Athletic Scholarship amount by going outside the institution.


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