August 20, 2011

College Volleyball Recruiting Communication, again!

My daughter is a rising senior who has been actively recruited by many division 1 schools over the past two years but she has not received an offer yet.  Many of the schools that she is interested in have told her that they are finished recruiting for her position for that year.  You have said on your site that sometimes things change and a school that was previously finished recruiting now needs a player.  Does that mean she should continue sending emails to her top choices in hopes that something changes?  Doesn't that look a bit desperate on her part and won't they wonder why she keeps sending emails?  Please advise.  Thanks - L.O.

Right now, I would not keep sending emails to those schools which have told her that they are finished recruiting for her position.  
What I suggest is for your daughter to expand her view and reach out to new schools with introductory letters/email and video.  In addition, she should keep in contact with those schools which have not informed her of their finished status with recruiting.  My father once said you can never have too much money, and along with that logic, you can never contact too many schools!

But, during the Holidays, I would take a moment and send a brief email out to those schools which had previously told her they were done, to let them know she is still interested should an opportunity come available.  Often, and this is becoming too often in my view, scholarships and opportunities become available upon the completion of the College Volleyball season.  With the multitudes of good, solid PSA's in the Club and International Volleyball recruiting realm, it can happen that a college coach does not have a previously 'cut' recruit in the front of their minds, and they might be happily surprised to find her still available.

Sometimes the recruiting pin ball does not bounce your way initially.  It can be tough being #2 on the recruiting depth chart, but you have to stay focused on reaching out to potential schools and going through the process.  There is still a bunch of time left and come next winter/early spring, many more DI opportunities will be there.

Good luck!

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