May 18, 2011

Volleyball Summer Work out and Diet Question

Dear Coach,

    You may have heard from my dad earlier about me playing for the 14 state or not. I would like to ask a question about staying fit during off season.  Is there any off court training that I need to do and if there are can you list some to me?  I like to think that I am keeping up with my fitness, but I really haven't. Also, during on or even off season, what should I eat? I have heard some of my Vball friends talk about diets and I didn't know if that is what I should start doing. Just like my dad, I love this blog!



Thanks for the compliments on the site.  You have asked some good questions but they are more appropriately asked by someone who is a junior in high school.  I get concerned when VolleyFamilies go too hard, too soon into physical training and diet modification.  The reality is you are still growing and developing since you are only in 8th grade. 

For workouts, I would not do anything special other than stay active.  If active means playing volleyball or soccer or going for a run or surfing, etc. that is good.  What I don't recommend is sitting on the couch all day or strength training.  The couch is obvious, but I don't think lifting is good because you are still physically maturing - I would not avoid lifting if your club or high school has a routine, but I would not seek it out either.

In terms of diet, I believe the obvious is the obvious - eat healthy.  I know that is a wide answer, but everyone knows what is healthy eating and what is not; focus on fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean meats, while limiting fast food, fried food and empty sugars in sweets.  I always get nervous talking about diets because driven athletes (especially females) have a tendency to go too far in their health focus - I talk quite often in this blog about balance and balance is a key point in any diet.  I strongly encourage my team to eat healthy and strive to put healthy options in front of them when we travel, but I will be the first to admit that sometimes a big cheeseburger and fries is just what is needed. 

I applaud you for considering these points and they are important points to consider, but not for a few more years.  Enjoy being in 8th grade because it is a great time; you are just old enough to glance being a 'grown-up' looking at college, but not having to deal with all the pressure and uncertainty of late high school.

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