May 16, 2011

Men's College Volleyball Question and a Question and a Thank you and a Question and a Thank you!!

It can be a big challenge for Men's College Volleyball PSA's to find a roster spot, much less a scholarship.  There are just not a lot of schools sponsoring Intercollegiate Men's Volleyball, when compared to Women's Volleyball.

And now, on to Zach!


My name is Zack, im currently a Junior and high school, I play Middle Hitter and have some questions regarding college volleyball. My main question is if I will be able to get a scholarship and how. Or am i too late? Ive been the Captain of my team and leader and kills for 2 years. Im 6''4' and i know thats not big for a middle hitter i can also play outside. Im going to a volleyball camp in the summer at penn state and hope to find out if im good enough there i just really want to play in college its my dream.


It is tougher for male players than female players to obtain college volleyball roster spots, much less a scholarship.  The number of colleges sponsoring a Men's Volleyball team is small compared to women's volleyball, and then NCAA DI has limited Men's Volleyball to 4.5 scholarships for the entire team.

6'4" you will need to go to a passing OH - For DI, you will be too small for MB and Opposite.

Camps for recruiting can be tough, but as a male player, you don't have a lot of options.  I suggest you follow my Recruiting Plan for Junior and Senior year, it was written for the female players, but the plan works for the male players - Again, it is just that the male players don't have the sheer number of teams to choose from like the female players.  A walk-on could be your best option, if you can find a team to accept you; just because of the negative numbers.

Good luck and keep working!

Thanks alot for responding it helped very much. I have one or two more questions if you dont mind me asking. First is not being on a Club Team look bad to colleges? As far as i know there is not a single mens club volleyball team i could join in a 50 plus mile radius from where i live. And also, how should i approach a college coach in an email. what should i tell him and ask him?  Zach

Glad to help.  Club Volleyball is key to the development of elite level skills necessary to play in college.  College coaches won't ignore you, but they will note that you did not play club.  Since you are not playing club, you need to make sure you have plenty of video, since these coaches won't see you at club events where they recruit.

The email is rather straight forward - Title it Prospective Student Athlete Zack, then in the body of the email briefly introduce who you are, your height, weight, position, and attack/block jump touch and all of your contact information.  It is important to link a number of videos to the email which you can do via youtube or some other host service. 

The key is the video - Put together a skills video which shows you as a passing OH going through all the different skill sets, then try to cut in some game video, but game is not as important as skill video.

You should sent this email out to every college which sponsors Men's Volleyball - this will include DI/II (which are combined), DIII and NAIA.  You can put together a list of these college coach emails by going to the (not .org, because .com will have a link for championships and rpi which will list all sponsoring schools) and the page.  It takes time to cull the email lists but this is what you must do.

Don't be fancy or stress about it - Basically, this is who I am, here is my contact and here are my videos.

Good Luck!

I cant tell you how thankful i am for this information, thank you very much!
Also what would be some good clips to show in my video? obviously hitting. should i have someone serve at me and then go take my approach? spot serving? what all should i put?

Hitting from Toss, all zones on the net as an OH.
Pass and attack from Free ball, all zones.
Pass and attack from Serve receive, all zones.
Serve - Only jump serve.
Block jump - End blocking near antennas and using MB footwork to close to outside.
Swing Block - only if you know how.
2 person Pepper
Serve receive.

I take it you saw the NCAA Men's Championship last week?  Well, you want to look like one of those OH's on your tape!
Alright thank you very much, I will start working on the video with my brother asap!

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