February 2, 2011

Randomness, Inclusive of Volleyball

Three weekend's on the road results in the following observations:

1. Club teams need to practice more than they play - Playing volleyball does not make you better, practicing volleyball does. A coach should always have practice "be better" for developing team/player abilities than an opponent. When everyone's eyes start to glaze over (coaches, ref's, parents and players) mid-way through day one of a two day tournament, it is time to reduce the playing schedule.

2. I have become a hotel snob and a phobic - I like clean, newer or newly refurbished hotels. Give me the newest Super 8 over an older Hyatt Regency. Also, I must have a top floor corner room or I start to get the shakes. I just don't like hearing other rooms around me - Maybe because recruiting and traveling entail a bunch of noise and the quiet of hotel room is so enjoyable.

3. College coaches should not cheat or 'bend' the rules just because they don't think any other college coaches are around - Saw some recent behaviors which were very disappointing for my profession.

4. As a club coach, if a college volleyball coach is giving you their business card with a personal note on the back, please don't immediately turn 180 degrees and hand it to the parents; wait until after the day's matches are completed. A few hours will not hurt one bit, and it will keep the focus on volleyball instead of recruiting.

5. A club team which is superior in ability to their opponents needs to remember some semblance of sportsmanship (or sportswomanship) and not make fun of teams/players they are playing. Just because you, or your team, have been blessed with great abilities does not give you the right to laugh at those who have not been blessed. Hello Mom, Dad, Club Coach, Club Director, Uncle Fred.....somebody?

6. Even though club coaches are not bound by NCAA rules, they should know that NCAA college volleyball coaches talking to 16 year old players/parents at a tournament site (or any freakin' site other than on a college campus) is illegal. Please, please, please be the mature/composed adult and don't become googly eyed just because Giant State U coach approaches you. The parents/players are just excited for the attention, the college coaches just want to ensure future success, and it unfortunately can come down to you (the club director/coach) to be the one with a responsible head on their shoulders.

7. I think it would be a great YouTube video t0 film college volleyball coaches at club tournaments. Sometimes when I get zoned out watching PSA's, I will direct my attention to the wildlife of college coaches - greatly entertaining!

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