January 31, 2011

Men's College Volleyball

Hello I am the mother to a Sr. who up to this point had played v-ball in Cali in both high school and club. This year we were transferred to NJ...Brick to be exact. There is no boys v-ball at the high school he is currently attending and we were told he could go to another local school. But once we got here, what we found was that we could go to a school that offered v-ball but we would have to pay for the spot, even thought it is a public school.

V-ball is his passion and he is highly upset. We found a club here but it isn't the kind of club that really competes at a high level. My question is what can I do to help him to get to play at the collegiate level which has always been his dream. Right now there is no way for anyone to see what his abilities are or how to make him be seen! Your direction is greatly appreciated! W.D.U.

Tough spot having to go coast to coast during a senior year, but today's economy demands such circumstances.

High School Boy's Volleyball is still rather rationalized - California, Great Lakes regions and maybe a good footprint in the north eastern USA and Puerto Rico, but it is nothing like Girl's Volleyball.

I suggest you read my Recruiting Plan label/link and focus on the Senior year. Even though this was written for female PSA's, it is applicable to your situation - Basically, he has got to get his name in front of college coaches by using email and video. Since it is already his senior year, don't worry about paying money to go to a different school, just focus on trying to get with the strongest possible club team. I understand the level may be much lower than what he played with in California, but even a lower team will still allow him to get touches on the ball.

Go to this link: http://www.geva.org/juniors to get more information about Junior volleyball in your region. Also, you might be able to find an adult team for your son to play on, if the junior level is not at the ability he wishes.

The reality is that there are lots of boys playing and not a lot of volleyball roster spots open - Even if he was on an elite club team (even in California) he still needs to market himself to get name recognition. The mathematics of college Men's Volleyball is not good for players. My belief is that male volleyball PSA's have to be even more proactive in pursuing a roster position - I say roster position because NCAA Division I Men's Volleyball funds at only 4 scholarships (maybe 4.5 - I should probably confirm which one!), and as a Equivalency Sport, the players are on partial scholarships or nothing at all.

Read the Senior plan, start getting his information and video out to NCAA Men's Volleyball schools and be aggressive. It does stink having to move away from a prime Boy's Volleyball region, but that is behind him now and the challenge of his future is ahead!

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