October 5, 2009

Smile - It's Volleyball!

Some reader e-mails about Volleyball moments which make them smile.

When the very young Junior Club Volleyball player's knee pads are wider than their knees - The Coach

A young lady had gone to a volleyball match to watch her friend play. It was quite a spirited match with great defensive saves on each side of the net. After the match the young lady, who was not well versed in volleyball terminology, said "Wow, that girl in the different colored jersey, she is a great libido." - Richard

In a junior high game, a front row player on my daughter's team was bopped on the head by the set ball. It flew over the net and hit the floor for a point. The crowd (about 20 people) went wild. It was hysterical and we still talk about it five years later - Ellen

The thing that makes me smile the most about volleyball is that my 16 year old daughter loves playing so much that she is always smiling when she is playing (and always has since starting 4 years ago)! In fact she wants to play in college (like so many), but not to earn a scholarship or to satisfy a parental expectation, or to pay back our club investment. She wants to play in college because she wants to play, period! - Layne

Watching the quietest, smallest, and nearly shyest girl on our U12 team play for her first season. The first month, she's trying hard, but just can't move her feet, and jumps away when she gets close to someone else. By mid-season she's setting and so aggressive to help her team that she just about took out the score table chasing a bad pass--she still put up a great set to middle for a point. Everyone was screaming! (Yes, we were right beside her yelling to stop, but she was too focused to care.) She still went shy sometimes, and stopped in a panic if someone yells "table" or "wall"; but the change when she goes all out in game mode is amazing. - Nathan

When my daughter comes running off the court after the match---to give me a big hug. It doesn’t happen all that often these days, but it did the other day and I smiled the rest of the day. It reminds me---even though she’s 6’1 and weighs more than I---she’s still a little girl and wants/needs my love and support. - Stacy

To me "The Smile" is when you've been working so hard to get a player to understand or correct a problem she is having....and after such a long and sometimes frustrating struggle she finally "gets it" and gives you "The Smile". After that you've earned her trust and respect. Now you can really coach her. These moments can be better than any big win. - Adrian

A player is standing on the end line for serve receive. The player's main job is to tell the teammates if the ball is "in" or "out". The serve is looking way out, the player screams "OUT" and the ball hits them in the chest. Makes me smile every time. - James

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