October 2, 2009

Send some Sunshine!

Readers - Thought I would provide a forum for volleyfolks to submit something that makes you smile about college volleyball or volleyball for that matter. One of the things which I tend to get caught up in my job is the politics and/or reality of collegiate athletics (which rarely makes me smile) - almost a situation where you can't see the forest for all the trees.

One of the ways I try to get my positive perspective back is to remember things from my playing days or funny situations with my teams as a coach. In the end, it is a wonderful game to play and coach; and, as a way to earn a living, it is much better than so many other options!

For instance, I always smile when I see the very young junior volleyball club players whose knee pads are wider than their legs! How do they stay up?

So, to this end, I encourage you to e-mail me with things that make you smile about volleyball - your submission can be two words or twenty paragraphs! I will compile any e-mails and post them in a few days!

Smiling is a good thing.

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