April 13, 2020

National Team Playing Goal...

Hello! My name is Sam, and my dream is to make the national team, but my height is kind of lacking (and there’s nothing I can do about that). 

Is it possible for me to become a left hitter as someone who’s 5’7”? 

If not, do I have a chance of becoming a setter?


As Sam can be a gender neutral name, I will answer your questions from both National Team perspectives.

Realistically - No and No.

International Volleyball is the definition of a height driven sport; even the short players are tall.

On the USA Men's National team, the smallest player is the Libero who is 6' tall.  

On the USA Women's National team roster, the smallest player is the Libero who is 5'7" and next shortest player is 5'11".

The best opportunity to wear the USA jersey is to be one of the top 2 Libero's in the country.

While the National Team is your goal, it is also the final step in a long developmental process - high school, club, college, camps, clinics, beach volleyball, physical training, healthy diet, mental balance, High Performance teams, National Collegiate Team, National B team, etc.  

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