June 28, 2018

Switch Positions for Recruiting?

Hi coach,

My daughter is a 6'1" Freshman MH on both HS and club teams. The feedback we have received from at least one very high level D1 assistant coach is that she would project as a lower D1/High D2 Middle and have had interaction with some D1 schools at least enough to know that assessment seems accurate. It was also mentioned to us that she might project higher as a Right Side. She loves to play middle, but she has always said she would be willing to move positions in order to play in college. We live relatively rural and so 6'+ athletes are rare and so it is unlikely she would play anything but Middle in club or in school.  

My question is: In her emails and other online materials, how do we list her? I'm confused as to how it is viewed by college coaches.
Option 1 - List her as a MH since that's all she's played and let the college coach direct her toward RS?
Option 2 - List her as a MH/RS so they know she is willing to play there, even though she never has and probably won't before college?

A secondary question: Does a college coach view a difference between MH or MB? I assume these terms to be interchangeable, correct?



The terms MB/MH are interchangeable, so whatever works is good, but just be consistent with the term you select.

I advise players/families to play the position they enjoy the most, as opposed to switching positions for the college chase.  Unless it is obvious that a player is too short for their current position to move into a collegiate spot or they are obviously better in a different position, switching is like chasing the golden goose.

With your daughter getting some NCAA Division I recruiting attention​ as a Freshman is fantastic and don't overthink this good news.  Focus on skill development, so she has even more collegiate choices as she matriculates through high school.  

Keep her focused on becoming the best middle possible; college coaches will have their MB to RS glasses on when recruiting, so if they see a potential RS when watching her at a tourney, then let them bring that up.  

Stay focused on skill development and finding the best fit academically, athletically, geographically and socially as a family!


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