June 8, 2018

Recruiting Success Story!

With the craziness today's recruiting world, it is always nice to hear about a family success within college volleyball recruiting!

While a number of readers may take pause when reading that committing as a sophomore is not rushing the process, the family made the focused decision to try and slow things down as much as the could.  In my writings with collegevolleyballcoach.com and Inside College Volleyball, I have encouraged families not rush the recruiting process.

Be patient, not only when you have pressure early from colleges but also be patient when there is nothing coming your way or your options don't seem that good.  The recruiting reality of today, is that it is always in flux; a no response to an email could well be a come visit us response to your next email.  

I have seen all too often families that commit way too early and end up transferring, along with families who felt that they would not ever find a school only to secure a great opportunity late in their senior year - The new normal is not normal....


I wanted to say a big "thank you". I purchased your book, have looked through the questions on your website and have even asked a few. 

My daughter recently verbally committed to her dream school. Ironically, she didn't know her dream school even existed two years ago when she received her first serious contacts in 8th grade. The info in your book gave us the confidence not to rush the process, even when it seemed like everybody else her level was.

In the end, by taking her time she really developed a keen sense of what was important to her in a school and a program, so that she knew right away when she saw it. After her visit she took several weeks to investigate the school and the coach further, and the more she learned the more she knew that is where she wanted to be. That is exactly what we wanted out of this process, and we could not be happier for her. 

Thanks again for all the sage advice.


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