November 6, 2017

High School Volleyball Position and Playing time....

Hi Coach

My daughter has always played up...she's now turning 14 and made the JV team at her high school and will play her own age for club this year.

My kid is getting frustrated with school volleyball.
She is the best passer on the team
She is the hardest and most consistent hitter on the team
and...she is pretty immature compared to some of her teammates.

The coach plays her as setter, left side, right side and libero.
She's the only person that plays more than 1 position.
She is the first ever Gr. 9 he's moved up (he told me he doesn't believe in it).
She is constantly being praised in practices and used as an example for pretty much everything (he's creating animosity)
Thing is...She never starts.
She is subbed in for whoever is playing poorly....and regardless of her performance she's not started in the next set.
She scores pretty much at will.
When they're behind coach instructs the setter to set her up every time.
Now as we're nearing the end of the season he told her that she'll only be playing back row (unlimited subs and not as libero because they want her serving). 

She now enters the back row with our 2 other strong passers (outside hitters) and  front row is stuck in a rotation with a left side who is ok at passing and can hit over-and-ins but can't EVER score...and a middle who is a good passer but also can't finish a point. We've lost huge point leads (10+) stuck in this rotation and there's no point scores on the bench because the hardest hitter is playing back row for the only middle that can score at will.

In this rotation...the back row can keep rallies alive with the most incredible digs (very entertaining volleyball) but, the front row can't finish a point. We're just praying for a miss, or net violation. 

The coach is very accomplished and knowledgeable....I just can't figure out what he's doing...and I don't know what to say to my kid when she gets frustrated.

Any thoughts?????


Thank you for your email.  First of all, let me compliment you for actually acknowledging that your daughter is not perfect "...pretty immature compared to her teammates".  So many parents (myself included) only have perfect children.

Two things to stress:

1)  High school volleyball does not matter in the collegiate recruiting process, other than to get free touches.  If anything, because of all the positions she is playing, and having to adjust her skill sets game to game, this scenario is actually helping develop her all around abilities.

2)  The coach is protecting the egos of the returning/older players by not starting your daughter and keeping her on the bench.  He has the luxury of bringing a very good player off the bench, to plug what every hole pops up that game.  The only critical thing I could say, is the coach should stay away from singing her praises in front of the players.

I suggest that you enjoy the moment because she is just a freshman and all of this is gravy, especially since she is playing club volleyball.  As for your daughter, remind her that she gets to play every position which will make her better for club and she still has 3 more years of wearing the high school uniform!


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