September 14, 2017

NCAA Division I Volleyball Recruiting and the Small MB

Hello. I've heard people say that college coaches don't care if a team is losing because they are recruiting the player not the team. I've also been told my daughter plays at a Div I level. She is a sophomore and only 5'9" but her approach jump is 9'11.5". 

She's signed up with a recruiting service but is not being matched with DI schools (I assume because of her height). 

How do I get DI coaches to notice her at tournaments if she's not on a top ranked national team? By the way, she is a Middle Blocker.

Thank you.


You are correct that college coaches focus on the player, not the team - Most of the time, we don't even know how a recruit's team did in a club tournament!

Two answers to your question about getting your daughter seen by DI programs:

1)  5'9" should not hinder any recruiting service from matching your daughter with a number of DI programs, especially if she touches 9'11.5".  There are over 300 DI programs; maybe the Top 50 schools may not match with her, but that leaves a bunch that would.  

You need to connect with your service to find out what is going on - Why are they not matching her with DI schools?  Today's recruiting services have many definitions; are they full service with active outreach to college coaches?  Are they partial service where they evaluate and provide some recommendations?  Or is a took kit service, where you get 'tools' but do all the outreach work? 

Also, be mindful of her position and specific skills.  5'9" Middle Blockers could be a tough sell to a DI, even with the impressive jump.  

2) Video is your best outreach mechanism if your daughter does not play on nationally ranked club super duper!  Coaches will always watch video and most of them will watch video before they even read about the recruit.  Your video needs to show all of her skill sets, specific to the position, as to offset her not being 6'+.

Because of her height, and with the goal of DI, she may wish to consider transitioning to Right Side or Outside hitter.  All things being equal, a 5'9" OH with a 10 foot approach jump will garner more attention than a 5'9' MB.

Good luck!


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