August 17, 2017

Club Volleyball Team Selection


My daughter took a risk last season (17U) and left the very successful club team she had played on for four years so she could play more in her preferred college position and get more touches on the ball.  It worked!  She played 6 rotations as a RS hitter for the first time in her career, did great, and has recently committed to a DII university where she will receive a scholarship for volleyball.

However, since that team was a little less competitive, several of the players have decided not to continue playing for their 18s season.  In essence, that team has disappeared.  The 1-2 strong teams remaining in our area only have a couple of spots open, not necessarily for a RS hitter.  The other 1-2 teams left are a hodge-podge of talent and positions at this point.

Even though my daughter has a scholarship already, she wants to compete at the highest level possible in order to prepare for the college game.  Her options at this point are: 1) commit to a stronger team that really needs MBs but has offered to have the pin hitters all share rotations in the middle, so she could get some time at RS or 2) commit to a team where she could play a full RS position, but the supporting cast is a little suspect, with not a lot of committed college players at this point.  

As a coach of an incoming player, which would you prefer she play?  We're worried how it may appear to her new college coaches, that she's unable to find a spot on a more competitive team, although I would think this happens somewhat frequently.

My daughter is 5'11" and left-handed, therefore more than likely she will only play RS in college.

Thank you for your help.


Congratulations on making the smart decision to focus on her collegiate potential position with last year's club program and for garnering a volleyball scholarship!

The quick answer; she needs to continue playing the position now that she will play in college.   As she is a left handed attacker; her playing MB does not do a lot for her because offensive systems are based upon right handed MB's.  And the promise of getting some swing in at the pin position, is similar to the promise that the check is in the mail.

Think big picture - Playing with a new group of players can develop her leadership skills and ability to carry the attacking load, while the other attackers improve.  Also, players still looking for a scholarship/roster spot tend to be very committed to training and competing.

Don't overthink the reaction of college coaches; all we really care about is skill development.  We understand that club volleyball can be a crazy situation, with lots of player changes from year to year.  Remember that we recruit/evaluate the individual player and not the team.

Keep her in her future collegiate position and take advantage of the opportunities that this new assembly of club players can provide!


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