July 13, 2017

Club National Championship and Playing time

Hello I'm playing in the 17's club tournament.  I'm the starting Libero on my team and have a handful of D1 and D2 colleges committed to watching me play. 

Any suggestions on how to talk with my club coach.  In the past I've played 100% of the time but we do have 2 other libero/ds on the roster and on occasion she'll play them as the Libero. My concern is that the college coach will come by at that time.  How will they view that.   What would be the best way to approach my coach and let her know how important it is for me to play.  

I don't want to over step my boundaries, but I am defiantly the strongest player but the stress and pressure of me getting the best looks from the colleges recruiters is so important. 

 Thank you,


Apologies for the later reply, as I have been on the road with my day job at NCSA Next College Student Athlete; as the USA Volleyball National Championship is now done, hopefully my answers coincided with what you may have already done.

College coaches understand that club coaches need to get playing time for their players.  We don't judge a recruit if they are not on the court for every single match; we know players need down time during a tournament and we know other players need to get their court time.

We also watch players in warm-ups, and on the bench, and in between games.  Just watching competition is only part of our recruiting evaluation process.  We want to see how supportive you are of your team mates when you are on the bench, how attentive you are on the match when you are not playing, etc.

College coaches are constantly circling the courts during tournaments; we may arrive late to a court because another court was running behind.  We may just watch a few points, because we must have coffee.  We may stay for 10 minutes, leave for 10 minutes and then come back for 10 minutes.  We could be watching your court but our minds are thinking about our next vacation.

Understand that there is not one tournament, one day, one match, one game or one rally that determines the recruiting process; it is culmination of many evaluation criteria and many 'looks'.

As you might have guessed, I would not have talked to the club coach.  The coach has to honor the team and the needs of all the players.  If you are getting actively recruited by D1 and D2 college coaches, then you are ahead of the game as a Junior Libero.  Remember that the Libero position is the toughest for college recruiting and is the last one to secure their collegiate future.  The majority of Liberos don't get that collegiate roster spot/scholarship until their senior year!

I hope that Nationals went well and once again, apologies for my late reply!


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