June 30, 2017

NCAA Volleyball - Recruiting Calendar Question


I am confused in understanding the NCAA D1/2 recruiting rules and the calendar - the rules say no contact in June as it is evaluation period but the NCAA calendar shows June as a Contact period. 

What am I missing?

Confused Parent

Thank you for your question - The NCAA rules can often be confusing because every sport has its own rules and each sport within each division has its own rules.

Here is the link to the current NCAA Recruiting Calendar for DI:  http://www.ncaa.org/sites/default/files/June2016_DIWomensVolleyball_20160613.pdf

Currently, we are in a Contact Period.  The term "Contact Period" can also be confusing; contact away from campus and telephone only with Seniors, contact via email and text with Juniors (and Seniors), coaches can receive calls from any high school age player and can talk with any high school age player on the university campus.

Division II Volleyball only has Dead Periods around the two National Letter of Intent Signing Dates - http://www.ncaa.org/sites/default/files/2016-17DII_Other-Sports_RecCal_20160524.pdf

From my reading of your email, you may have mis-read or receive information pertaining to another sport.  May 1 to 26 is a DI Quiet Period which means coaches can't leave campus to recruit, but you can come to campus.

Hopefully this helps clear things up a bit!


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