February 27, 2017

All around volleyball skill development.

Hello Coach,

My daughter plays National club volleyball.   She has been placed on the opposite side (right side) because of her height and blocking ability.  As a result,  she sees very limited opportunities to hit the ball.   My daughter is middle school aged.

She plays middle hitter for the highschool team. Should I be concerned about the lack of hitting opportunities at the club level for college recruiters?

Thank you for your response.


Because of your daughter's age, I would not stress about her lack of hitting opportunities.  Flip it around, and think about the opportunity she has to improve her blocking abilities against the other team's primary attacker.

Many junior high age club teams will put their taller players on the right side, for the obvious reasons of blocking, but also to buy them time to mature physically.  Players which enjoy an early growth spurt can fall behind in their coordination. They eventually catch up and surpass many of their shorter team mate in volleyball ability, but that early spurt can wreck havoc on the hands eye feet symphony for a 7th grader.

I understand in today's club volleyball recruiting world, there is a pseudo pressure to engage early in the recruiting process; everyone hears about that one player who committed to giant state university as an 8th grader, so all the parents of other junior high age players start to get antsy.

Please, please and please remember - Freshman Free, Sophomore Slow.   Don't get caught up on the quicksand of college recruiting when in Junior high; just play, have fun and live in the moment!

If she is playing MB in high school (already?), then she is getting sets and the MB and/RS attack swings have transferable characteristics.

Be as concerned about her passing and ball control, as you are about attacking.  

Sure, those big tall hitters who bring the thunder garner attention from friends, family and fair haired college recruiters.  But who is to say if your daughter is done growing?  Many female athletes will come close to their final height in Junior high or freshman year of High school.  While 5'10" is big for 7th grade, it is nothing special come 17's club.

Plan for her not growing any more, by diversifying her skill sets.  If it is not possible now or next year for her to train as an outside hitter with her club, then get her into camps/clinics/beach volleyball so she can pass, play defense, set, transition, etc.  If she continues to grow, then these additional skill sets will only help her should she stay in the middle or right side.


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