December 1, 2016

New Resource for Club Volleyball Families

VolleyFamilies - I wanted to share a website which could prove beneficial to your club volleyball experience.

As conveyed to me, " is a free service for parents and players to find volleyball clubs in their area. Simply enter your 5-digit zip code and click search to see a listing of clubs in your area. Our site also allows you to leave reviews for clubs you have played for, making our site like the Yelp of the volleyball community. Our blog offers advice on college recruiting as well as training and nutrition advice."

Please note that is not getting paid to share this information.  

I feel this could be a good website for club families because with so many other experiences in our lives, we can provide reviews and see other's feedback.  For instance, I had to go see an Ear Nose and Throat doctor recently (allergies!) and used the reviews of patients for my selection.  From hotels, to movies, to athletic products, we use the reviews of customers before engaging.   

The more that the volleyball community can interact, in a positive and honest manner, the better our sport will become for our children!

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