December 19, 2016

How to Start the College Volleyball Recruiting Process

Hello, my name is Madalyn. I am a 5'8" libero/ds. I have a few questions I really hope you can help me with. 

I know I am not the typical height for a defensive player, but I have no objection to hitting the ground. I give 100% at all times. I have a 38mph float serve and I play defense against a high school men's volleyball team. I am currently a sophomore who made varsity this year. I sat the bench for reasons not explained to me and I don't know where to go. 

I want to play for a junior college in the North West, but am open to anywhere. I don't know where to start in the recruiting process. I believe I have talent and potential but how am I supposed to show colleges my interest? I am committed to this process 100% and I will give everything. Please help me get started, or any advice at all would be phenomenal!

Thank you so much!!


Best advice I can give you, is read through the Recruiting Plan (find under Labels) on the site or with Inside College Volleyball; follow the suggestions as many, many players/families have used this plan for great success.

As a Libero, your position is usually the last one to be recruited and commit to a college.  On  average, OH's are 1st, MB/RS 2nd, Setters 3rd and.........then Liberos.  This is due to the fact that there are a large number of talented players who play this position, so college coaches understand they can commit a quality Libero very late in the recruiting process.

For Libero VolleyFamilies, they must be consistent and very patient in the outreach and communication process.  

Stay open to any collegiate possibility; don't limit yourself to a specific category or a small region.  Let the responses from your collegiate outreach provide feedback.  For instance, if you reach out to all the Pac 12 schools (and ALWAYS include video with any email outreach), and none of them response, then this feedback tells you that the Pac 12 is beyond your abilities.

Also consider getting a Free Recruiting Profile with NCSA Athletic Recruiting - The Free Profile has a tremendous amount of education, a college search map for doing research about various colleges/universities, along with the ability to link videos to you profile and send to college coaches.

Good luck!


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