December 12, 2016

College Volleyball Recruiting Success Story (and a Question)

Hello Coach,

First off I want to let you know just how impactful your book has been to my family. I have 5 daughters (I heard the collective gasp!) all of whom play volleyball. Your book was instrumental in our decision making process and has saved our girls tens of thousands in college debt. 

Daughter #1 had several D1 offers to play libero but they were all 1 and 3 and 2 and 2 offers with no guarantees. She decided to stick with her passion and play OH for a private D2 program on the east coast to the tune of a 4 year guaranteed $200k scholarship. Daughter #2 received a 70% scholarship as a libero for a private D2 program in the Mideast and daughter #3 opted not to play indoor but let the coach know that she would be available to play sand if they ever start that up. They will start it this year! 

So between my daughters and my niece who was a D1 All American on the west coast we are quickly approaching $1 million in volleyball scholarships.


That leads me to daughter #4. She is a high school freshman who is a very strong setter/beach player. She is visiting a friend in the SEC area of the country this thanksgiving and asked me if she could contact a coach about watching a practice and or home match while she is out there.

Do you have any reservations about this and are there any rules about how this should go?

Thank you

Volleyball Dad

So glad to hear that Inside College Volleyball was such a positive resource for your family as you have successfully navigated the college recruiting process for your daughters'.

With regards to your freshman daughter, I would usually not recommend such a visit (staying true to my Freshman Free stance in recruiting).  But, your daughter has obviously seen the process play out with her older sisters and should be a bit more along in her education about college volleyball recruiting.

As she will be visiting a friend, jumping onto a campus for an unofficial visit is a good use of her time.  Because of her family experience, she should be a bit more mature about what she sees and experiences.

When she or you reach out, make sure to put her club coach or high school coach as the reply to person/email, because if a DI coach responds to her/you, it will be a recruiting violation (all too many DI coaches try to do the 'opps', I 'accidentally' replied to your email routine).  

My closing suggestion is to make sure to keep it casual/low key.  Just let the coach know she will be on campus and would like to watch a practice or game, and tour the facility.  I would not ask or accept the full campus tour, meet with professors/counselors, etc. right now - Just in, take a peak and out.  

Once again, congratulations on your management of the recruiting process for your family!


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