November 10, 2016

#1 Choice just what?

Hi Coach 

I am 16 and a Jr in HS.  My HS coach just showed me an email she recieved from a college coach saying they were interested in me for their 2018 recruits.  Oddly, it is my number one choice and I have not reached out to them yet with my video.  I was planning to email after my highlights vid was complete...which it is now.  My question is, now that they have expressed interest what do I do in response?  Do I still send email letting them know I am interested or do I call them??  Can they talk to me right now?  I am really excited that they actually noticed me so I really want to make the best effort possible. 

Thank you,

First of all, congratulations on the email from your #1 choice!  It is a special feeling when you get contacted by a school you have an interest in.  I clearly remember my first letter (yup, old school letter before emails!).

With regards to this school, even though it is your #1 choice, you still need to be 'business like' in your recruiting communication and management.  

- Send them an email, thanking them for reaching out to your high school coach, and also include your highlight video.

- When you know your club volleyball schedule, shoot that to them and make sure to send them a video from your early club volleyball training/practices.

- If they are a NCAA Division I school, they cannot call you but can email you.

-  You are allowed to call them at any time, but they cannot call you back (if they are Division I).  But, I would email first before calling them.

-  Most important, even though they are your #1, you need to reach out to many, many schools of similar attributes because you might be their 8th #1 recruit in your position.  Remember that colleges reach out to hundreds of players and they have many players they are 'serious' about.  Give yourself other options, just as a backup.

Once again, congratulations!


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