October 20, 2016

NCAA Division I Women's Volleyball RPI

The NCAA Division I Women's Volleyball RPI is now out and will be updated throughout the remainder of the season.


Why is this important?  Because this will give VolleyFamilies a volleyball team evaluation tool as they manage their recruiting process.  

The RPI is the NCAA's measure of teams against other teams and is not a Poll. There are 334 NCAA Division I Women's Volleyball teams; the #1 team is Wisconsin and the #334 is Mississippi Valley.  

In general, the Power 5 conferences (Big 10, Big 12, Pac 12, ACC and SEC) tend to rank out higher than other conference teams.  Part of this is that they tend to be better, but because of the strength of schedule component, the RPI tends to elevate poor Power 5 teams above their ability and lower very good non Power 5 teams below their ability.

A few snapshots: Purdue #12 (12-7), Western Kentucky #20 (20-2), TCU #28 (10-8), Dayton #34 (20-1), Wyoming #75 (12-8), Seattle #152 (10-10), UMKC #193 (10-10), Air Force #231 (9-12), South Dakota State #298 (3-17)....

Please do not use the RPI as an absolute tool in your recruiting management because a team may be ranked low in the RPI but be very competitive within their own conference and the players may have a great, great experience playing at that school even though they are not in the top 100.


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