September 19, 2016

Exclusive CollegeVolleyballCoach content!

In an effort to stay focused on volleyball and recruiting information, while keeping the site free and not cluttered with advertisements, can now accept monthly pledges via (click and 'sign up' with your email/password to manage your pledge and receive Rewards!)

Your support makes this possible, and I hope to add additional content via a youtube channel, podcasts and interviews with college coaches.

A nice feature of the Patreon pledge model, is it allows me to provide specific 'rewards' for those who join in; basically a "Thank You" for contributing.

  •  Status updates - Get the latest updates, opinion quick hits, my recruiting cities and my Volleyball life (trust me, you will enjoy my VB life!).
  • Monthly newsletter - Just for those who pledge, with information on how to best manage the recruiting process, current recruiting trends, training/playing suggestions, etc.
  • Online chat sessions - Let's talk about all things college volleyball and recruiting. You have questions?  I have answers!!

Please CLICK - to visit the CollegeVolleyballCoach Patreon page where you can 'sign up' via your email and a password to manage your pledge and receive your Rewards!

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