August 26, 2016

Additional NCAA Division I Women's Volleyball television listings

Many thanks to B.B. for sending me the below links.

And on a positive note, the first day of College Volleyball season; the Olympics are over, college and professional football have not started their regulars seasons, baseball has not started the playoffs, there are no major golf or tennis tournaments being held....I have the most comprehensive sports package possible with my satellite provider and I could find 2, yes 2, matches on television......BYU vs Utah Valley on BYUTV and ORU vs OU on ALT channel 445 (and ALT channels are always hit and miss)...sigh....YES!!! Let's get excited about the 2016 college volleyball season.....

Good luck to my VolleyFolks this weekend searching through the television listings to see some volleyball matches, or better yet, go see your local college team play.  

The great thing about college volleyball matches is they are inexpensive family entertainment and a number of schools (including DI) don't charge admission!!!


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