July 21, 2016

Rising Senior Volleyball Recruiting Question

Hi Coach

You have helped me in the past with my older daughter who is now the starting setter at a NCAA DIII school.  Now my younger daughter, rising high school senior and also a setter, is being recruited by some of the same DIII schools that we looked at 4 years ago. 

There is one DI, Big East Conference school that is local to us that has continually viewed her profile and video on her recruiting page. The school is very local to us and she has attended some clinics and camps there over the past couple of years and may go back for one more this year. 

They have not officially reached out to her but have viewed her page more than a dozen times this past year. Can she ask the coach about the interest? If she attends a clinic this summer can she discuss recruitment and her continued review of her film etc? Are we reading too much into this?

Thanks in advance for your reply.



Glad to have helped with Daughter Number One and hope that she is enjoying her college volleyball experience.

With regards to Daughter Number Two, never hesitate to request clarity from the college coaches.  By all means, have your daughter shoot them an email asking if they are recruiting a setter for her grad year?  And if so, is she one of their top 3 prospects?

I would not attend their camp/clinic for recruiting unless they express a clear interest in her (and not the, "yes, we like you and you should come to our camp" interest).  If your daughter enjoys the setting training and the overall experience, then that is a different slant on their camp.  

If they are interested, then that interest should be enforced with an invite for an Unofficial Visit - Camps are not unofficial visits.  An Unofficial Visit provides a much better opportunity for the recruit and family to evaluate the program, school and campus than the unrealistic camp atmosphere.

Assistant volleyball coaches will do a lot of back up work, as part of the recruiting process.  If they don't get the commitment that the head coach wants from Recruit #1, then they need to have Recruit #2-#5 ready to be queued up for a serious press.

I would be concerned that this DI has not reached out, as your baby girl is a rising senior and DI's are not shy about making contact with a 'just in case' recruit; that is why I suggest your daughter email them.

If they don't respond or give her the non-answer answer, then drop that school.  If that DI does express a sincere interest, then keep up the communication and immediately reach out to similar preference DI's.  The local DI is giving you valuable feedback on her collegiate evaluation and potential - Use this information to contact similar DI's, so you can have the luxury of choice that may well come with a Full Athletic Scholarship.


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