July 11, 2016

Height for NCAA Division I Volleyball Setters


I found your website looking for height requirements and I was wondering what is the shortest you can be to be a setter and DS in D1 women's volleyball. 

Thanks, H.M.

The setter height depends upon the offense that the NCAA Division I team runs.  But, there is a huge variety of "Division I" programs - The Top 25 programs will have different parameters than teams which are in the bottom 100 of the rankings.  Remember that there are over 300 NCAA Division I programs.

If they are running a 5-1 offense (one setter - this is the dominant offensive system in DI), then the setters tend to be 5'8" and up, but shorter setters can secure DI scholarships if they have great hands/athleticism.  

Should a school run a 6-2 offense (two setters play back row only, and go front/back with opposite players - This system is growing in popularity), then the setters can be smaller because they don't play at the net.  Within this system, you will find setters which may be shorter than 5'8" but they will still be taller than 5'3".

It is very rare, but some schools will run a 6-0 offense, in which the setters hit when they rotate to the front row - In this system, the setters tend to be 5'10" and up because they are also attackers.

You can't control your height, but you can influence your setting ability and athleticism.  To this end, all setters should constantly be working on their release, footwork, speed and jump.  If you are a bit shorter, then you will need to be a bit better.  

Lastly, recruits have got to have an open mind when it comes to the recruiting process.  NCAA Division I volleyball gets the majority of the attention and because of sports media, we are brainwashed to think that DI is the best/only opportunity.  While NCAA DI tends to have elite level players, DI has become a hard business where coaches are no longer hesitate to make roster changes and the players are expected to be 24/7/365 college athletes.

There are 1400+ opportunities outside of NCAA Division I, and many of these opportunities actually allow you to have a collegiate experience/life outside of the volleyball program!


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  1. When you mention these certain height thresholds, are you talking precise heights? I'm told most volleyball players fudge their heights by at least 1 inch or list their heights in shoes, etc.


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