June 13, 2016

Best Tournaments for College Volleyball Recruiting

In your opinion out of all the multi day volleyball tournaments which ones do a greater majority of college coaches attend (e.g. JVA World Challenge, Colorado Crossroads, Presidents Day Classic, Spring Classic)?   

I know it was mentioned in one of your responses that a lot of the NAIA and Division III colleges don't have the money to travel to tournaments that are not drivable.  So the ones that travel to tournaments outside of their state that they have to fly to are mostly Division I and II. 

So then a players best chance with an NAIA or Division III school is to make sure video is updated on their recruiting website (volleyball recruits, etc.) unless the club the player plays for goes to a tournament in the state he or she is looking at a NAIA or Division III college in, right?  Would another option be to attend a summer volleyball camp at that school if financially affordable for the family of the player? 

Thank you. 
Mom of a DS/Libero player

In terms of multi day tournaments which attract the largest number of college coaches, it would be the USA Volleyball National Qualifiers and then the early club season non-national qualifier tournaments (MLK weekend and President's Day weekend multi day tournaments). 

College Volleyball Recruiting is year round, but the earlier club season tournaments - January, February, March - tend to draw the most college coaches because they are very focused on their recruiting needs and they still have money left in their recruiting budgets.  As the club season progresses the urgency of recruiting fades, even for the later National Qualifiers; the budget starts to run out, the college coaches are also engaged in their spring season, and they may have already secured their needed commitments.

Because of budget limitations, the college programs which are flying to recruit are the Division I programs and a rare Division II or NAIA program.  The mid to upper level DI programs will have the budgets to attend a few National Qualifiers and early Holiday weekend tournaments, while the lower DI, elite DII/NAIA programs may have the budget to fly a coach to one National Qualifier and then they will be driving to the remainder of their recruiting events.

Video, and current video, is any players best opportunity to market themselves to all levels of college volleyball programs.  Hosting the video on a recruiting website gives a player the greatest exposure opportunity, and in full transparency, I support NCSA Athletic Recruiting as the best service for volleyball players.

As a player, if you are considering non DI schools outside of your geographic region, then video will be your primary, and maybe only way, that those collegiate programs can evaluate your abilities.  

If you have read collegevolleyballcoach.com or Inside College Volleyball, you will know that I am not a big proponent of using college volleyball camps as a recruiting vehicle.  DII and NAIA programs allow for seniors who have finished their high school season to train with the team during a visit to campus.  Better to go on a multi campus tour, play with a few teams, rather than pay hundreds of dollars per camp to do the same thing.  But, if the family has the financial means to go on a summer fun camp tour, then go for it!


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