June 2, 2016

ACL Surgery and Recovery for Volleyball


I got really interested in all the stories in this website but I've really been stressing lately.

I have had two acl surgeries right before my freshman year. I got one done on March 1st and the other one in April 12th. My doctor said I can get back in the game in 6 months, since I've been doing great, but that means in October. Which I would have to miss my freshman year of volleyball for high school. 

I have been wondering if it cuts my chances of making the team since the high school volleyball team I'm about to go is the best one in the city? A club coach is willing to take me back on track and help my confidence back up ....I've been asked to play my upcoming year of club for a national club team, does that help?

I feel like without volleyball or even sports I have nothing to make me, me .

Please help, thank you for your time (: 


That is a tough thing to go through two ACL surgeries back to back and I don't envy your rehabilitation.  The bad news is you have to rehabilitate two surgeries, but the good news is that ACL recovery is becoming much quicker than back in the day!

Even though it may seem like everything is stacked against you and time is not on your side, the most important thing that you absolutely must do is focus on the rehabilitation of your surgeries.  The biggest mistake that I have seen athletes make when it comes to injuries, is rushing back from surgery.  This is a natural reaction, as no athlete wants to sit on the sideline and all of us are anxious to get back into playing.  But, but and but, if a player comes back too soon, they will be managing/dealing with their injury for many years, if not the rest of their career.

Don't get too far ahead of your self; you are in 8th grade and have many years of volleyball waiting for you.  Your quality of upcoming volleyball, from poor to great, will largely be determined by the rehabilitation that you do know.  Talented volleyball players have great lower body strength and stability.  

6 months to playing again seems a bit quick to me; there is a big difference between becoming active and back to playing.  I strongly suggest you put your target date for playing again (I mean full go, no hesitation playing) into the next year; specifically next spring.  I know that reading this will be disheartening, but better to take an extra month or two and maximize your rehab, than rushing back into the game and having residual pain, swelling and loss of strength.

Move beyond thinking about your Freshman year of high school because it is better to get back to 100% for club season and then your sophomore year of high school.  You would rather have the high school coaching staff see you at full go, 100% ability as a sophomore, than being at 75% trying to play as a freshman.

After you reach the point in your rehab, where you can start limited playing, then your focus should be on the club season winter/spring of your freshman year.  By next fall, you will have a better idea of how you are recovering physically and hopefully can project a return to the court time (limited playing time/effort) which will allow you to determine which club option is best for you.

Once again, I know you are anxious to get back to play, but your absolute priority is getting your lower body strong and balanced again!


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