May 2, 2016

NCSA Athletic Recruiting - Reviews and Testimonials

As most of my readers may know, my day job is with NCSA Athletic Recruiting.  I am fortunate because as NCSA's Director of Volleyball, I am able to travel the country educating families about today's college volleyball recruiting process and stay connected with the many friends I have made within the volleyball community during my playing and collegiate coaching career.

What makes my job fulfilling, is that I can immediately help families better understand how to successfully manage the recruiting process during my talks (and onsite at our partner events) and NCSA has a great free site that is available for any player.  The NCSA free site/information is near equivalent to what other companies charge families to receive.  And, for those families which need personal support, the NCSA premium site is the best in the country.  

NCSA Athletic Recruiting now offers a Reviews and Testimonials page so families can see exactly what others are saying.  It is a great vehicle for the Premium families to express their opinions but also for families which are a bit unsure about NCSA to get a better feel for the support available and the successes other families have enjoyed.

If you are a NCSA Premium family, please do share your experience and if you are new to NCSA, please jump on the page to read the reviews.  Again, the link is


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