April 21, 2016

Club Tournament Follow-Up with College Coaches

Hi Coach,

My daughter currently plays for a 16u club team (sophomore).  She just finished playing at the NEQ Tournament in Philadelphia this past weekend.

She reached out to about 7 schools prior to the tournament through her NCSA site and had responses from most of the coaches.

We saw them stop by and watch her play but she hasn't heard back from any of them.  Is it okay for her to reach out to them again and ask them their thoughts on her performance?  Or would that make her seem pushy?



I would send a follow-up email to the college coaches, especially if you have fresh video from NEQ's, but I would not ask for their thoughts on her performance.  The 16's year of club is still a primary evaluation year for many of the college coaches; they are just taking notes, seeing progress, trying to determine which athlete rates out at what level, what parents are nuts, the player's attitude, etc.

For the elite players and college volleyball programs, the 8th grade and Freshman year are the primary in the recruiting evaluation and selection process, but these are the outliers.

The majority of club players need to do exactly what you are doing - Reaching out to college coaches before big events, inviting them to attend, and then following up post event.  As you are using NCSA Athletic Recruiting and all of their great built in technology, I suggest that you should have really reached out to 100 schools before the NEQ's in Philly.  

At the 16's age, there are so many variables for players and for college coaches, that is best to make the outreach large, not small and 7 schools is tiny.  The more schools that your daughter can engage with now, is better to provide her viable options as she moves forward in club.

Good luck and keep managing the recruiting process.


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