March 7, 2016

Small setter and 6-2 offense


My daughter is 5’7” Setter/DS. She would like to play D1. We were targeting programs that currently had setters on roster in that height range. We would also like to target schools that run a  6-2. Do you happen to know which schools run this?



Thanks for your question - and the short answer is no (get it…short answer….)(not funny, but still kinda worth a smile)(but seriously, the answer is no).

The offensive systems employed by each program depends on two things; 1) the preference of the head coach, 2) the recruiting ability of the head coach.  

My belief is that the front to back 6-2 offense (2 setters sub/in out with 2 opposite players) is more common in Club Volleyball than it is in college volleyball.  This is a reference to club volleyball coaches/directors knowing that this offense allow for 2 more players to play, than a 5-1 offense and 2 more players on the court mean 2 less unhappy parents in the stands.

The research you would need to do on schools employing this offense, is by checking the statistics page for each college volleyball program and seeing if there are 2 setters with similar assist totals.  This could mean that the program is running a 6-2 or it could mean that the coach cannot make up their mind about which setter to play.  Or it could mean that one setter got hurt and the other setter is playing.

As you can see, not a really good way to determine.  

Control what you can control - Encourage your daughter to be the absolute best setter possible because that will make her a better collegiate setter and will separate her from the 3,579 other 5'7" setters trying do what you are doing.  

Then, because determining what team is running what offense is a challenge, email them all (within your comfort zones) and hope that your daughter's skill sets applicable to whatever offense they wish to run!

Good luck!


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