February 11, 2016

College Volleyball Recruiting Personality Questionnaire!

Hello, I received an email from a college coach asking me to complete the following:  

Please follow the link below to complete your Student-Athlete Select 7. This will help us better understand who you are as an athlete and how to best set you up to reach your full potential."

Is this some sort of Student-Athlete Personality Questionnaire?  It was over 60 questions and it was a timed questionnaire.  Is it typical to receive these from college coaches?  Is this a good sign them are considering me as a potential recruit?



Thank you for your email and I will say that yours is a first; I have never heard of a college volleyball program asking recruits to complete a Personality Questionnaire.  But, I guess it does make sense, because the one thing that will kill a college volleyball program faster than a bad athletic director is bad team chemistry!

Your questions - No, completing a personality questionnaire is not typical of the college volleyball recruiting process (at this juncture).  My instinct is that the personality questionnaire is the standard protocol for this college program's recruiting process, so they are probably asking every Prospective Student Athlete (PSA) to complete this protocol.

With Inside College Volleyball and during my NCSA Athletic Recruiting speaking events, I emphasize that recruiting is the most important responsibility of college volleyball coaches.  Recruiting is how they keep their jobs, recruiting is how they get raises and recruiting is how they can jump to an even better job.  This personality questionnaire is part of the recruiting process for this program, because the coach feels it is a way to evaluate and recruit appropriate players.

Specific to your recruiting process, don't read too much into this situation and instead, focus on your continued outreach and communication with appropriate college volleyball program.  

Good luck!

The Coach

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