February 29, 2016

College Volleyball Recruiting and the Freshman Free

I am a freshman in high school and I play club volleyball. My sister has played for the same club team and all the coaches are very close to my family. This year, we are in working on my team, because there is six new players. I am very very nervous that college scouts at big tournaments won't ever come down and watch us. This is a worry to me because the four colleges I have in mind are a little too expensive and I was hoping for a scholarship. As a coach, can you give me some advice for scouts?



If you have read my posts, you will remember that "Freshman Free and Sophomore Slow". Since you are still a wonderful Freshman you have plenty of time.  RIght now, focus on your skill sets because your ability will determine your opportunities.

What too many families don't understand is college coaches recruit the individual player, not the team.  We honestly don't care if your team is good or bad, what we care about is if you are good or bad.

I can understand the concern that college coaches gravitate to the "good courts" to recruit, but that is a result of many good individual players.  If you or any other player has a year when the team may not be elite, then you must be aggressive in reaching out to college coaches so they can "find you".

Recruiting is competitieve - College programs are competing to get the best players and families are competing to get their best colleges.  In this competition, families must move beyond the mind set of the "drive by" - That a coach will walk by their court and love what they see.  Move beyond, because not every family can be on the awesome team which attracts colleges coaches like free wifi, but each player can reach out to college coaches and convince them to come watch them play.

So, focus on becoming the best possible player you can, and then tell all those coaches to come see you play….as a Sophomore!

The Coach

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