February 22, 2016

Boy's College Volleyball Recruiting

Dear Coach,

    I am a sophomore boy who attends a high school that does not have a men's volleyball team, and I haven't played on a club volleyball team because I do not have my license and getting to practices would be a struggle. I plan to try out next year for a club team, but what can I do for the next few months? I am a member of NCSA, but what should I do for a highlight video? I run cross country, track, and play basketball to keep in shape and establish teamwork, but I just do not what to do for volleyball right now.

                            - Thank you! T.O.

Thank you for your email and it can be a challenge as a boy volleyball player.  Not only a challenge to develop volleyball skills when you are in a part of the country which is not men's volleyball friendly, but also the opportunities to play collegiate volleyball do not number in the thousands.

As a high school sophomore, you still have plenty of time to manage the college volleyball recruiting process, so I would not worry about a high light video this year.  When you are participating on a club team next year, then start sending out recruiting videos; not only because you will be able to show a higher level of skill after playing club but also because you will be one year older/stronger/faster.

In an effort to keep your touch on the ball, and realizing that you do not have a car, you need to maximize the high school  volleyball program.  Do you know any of the girl's players?  Ask them to pepper before/after school.  Go see the coach and ask if you can participate in open gym. 

While your high school does not have boy's volleyball (and a majority of high schools in the USA do not), you have to leverage the girl's team to get touches.  If you are respectful of the coach and the players, and are able to help them in some capacity, most coaches/players will be supportive of you because they will see you love the game.

Once you do get your drivers's license, then go find open gyms (YMCA, USAV Region, Recreational leagues) during the winter/spring months.  When the warm air arrives, get yourself out on the sand or grass courts by joining leagues, open play, doubles/triples/quads tournaments - Do whatever you can to get touches upon the ball.

Good luck and remember, you still have time to achieve your goals.

The Coach

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