January 4, 2016

College Volleyball Coaching Change….

Hello Coach, 

Love your book and we have used your advice so much over the years and shared with so many others as well.

Our daughter got her dream, signed with a D2 school for 2016, as a Setter with a pretty nice scholarship- mission accomplished!
Recently however, the Head Coach resigned to take a new head coaching position at another D2 school- as it was a better opportunity, we were told. Our daughter talked with the assistant coach right after she heard the news (via another player), and I have also spoke with the assistant coach. He/She wants the head position but has to apply, as the college is recruiting, which the college is keeping the application open for 30 days (even with Spring Training approaching).
About a week later the A.D. sent out an email (to the team), about "building the program and winning the league title so they can make it to playoffs"- therefore they started a national search, and their "goal is to get the best coach available to take the program where it needs to be."

He did add, that the assistant coach has applied for the job as well, and in the interim will keep things going.

My concern is, the assistant coach may not get the job as there are no guarantees, and it's not comforting. The assistant coach has said she can pull out of her NLI, but He/She still wants her.   One concern is that He/She may not get the head coaching job and leave too, and that is more or less what He/She said...
On the positive side, my daughter still wants to attend this college, loves the school, climate, and town- even though a big part of her choosing the school was the coaches.  She is very adaptable and coachable, and has had a different coach most all of her vball career, except for two season's of H.S. But she has always been a setter. If the coaching changes (all together) positions may not be a given.
My Question is:

Do you think it would be wise to send a reply back to the A.D. with our concerns, or do we just ride this out being she is only a freshman?
There are two setters being recruited for 2016, my daughter being one- as two seniors are graduating. 

I don't want to create any issues for our daughter, but I do have some concerns as this school is several states away. The Assistant Coach was very open and excited when I asked if there was anything we could do to help, like email the A.D.
Do you have any advice if we were to email the A.D. with our concerns? If so, can you give some ideas on what to say?

If you don't think it would be a good idea to email or call then we won't.
Just want to do the right thing!
Thanks so much!

Volley Mom

Thank you for the compliments on the site and for purchasing Inside College Volleyball!

As I have written before, this is the Crazy Season when it comes to college volleyball - Many changes to college head coaches, staff and rosters

The good news is that your daughter has signed her National Letter of Intent, which will protect her for her freshman season.  Unfortunately, there are many recruits who have verbally committed to a school and are now going through the stress/uncertainty of a coaching change, without the security of the NLI.

My strong suggestion is to stay away from the hiring process and not contact the AD in any capacity.  Focus on your daughter and her transition to collegiate athletics.  Maybe the assistant gets promoted to the head job, maybe the AD hires a coach who is outstanding, maybe the AD hires a coach who is not as good as the previous coach - Lots of maybes that you have zero control over.

Better to have your daughter continue improving her skill sets, her fitness level, her academic standing, than focus on something which you cannot control.  If your daughter can make the team better when she arrives and has a positive attitude, then she will have no issues with the new coach.

If she is happy with the school, as it sounds like she is, then move forward positively and focus on what you can control versus what you can't.  

After your daughter's freshman season, you will have a clear picture of what the next step is - If she had a good experience and was treated with respect, then stay and enjoy her collegiate career.  If the new coach does not embody what she wants in a college coach and her 1st year experience was lacking, then take steps to transfer for her sophomore year.

Between now and this time next year, keep improving skills and prepare for a great freshman season!


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