January 11, 2016

ACL Recovery and College Volleyball Recruiting

Hey Coach, my name is Brea. I wanted to ask you about the probability of me being able to play after I torn my ACL and meniscus.

At the last tournament of my sophomore club season, I came down from a hit and tore my left ACL, meniscus, and sprained my MCL. I am now almost 5 months out from surgery, but will not be able to play at all this season. I am getting really nervous about college, due to it being my junior season that I will miss out on. I know that junior year is crucial in for recruiting time.

Can you give me some advice on what to do to get my name out there for recruiting this summer and next year?

Thank you so much,

I am sorry to hear about your ACL tear; this is a quite common injury in our sport and while it is rough now, it is an injury which you can recover from fully.  The most critical part of your recovery, is your focus and effort in rehab.  In my experience, the players who kept that effort and focus, were able to come back at 100%, but it does take 12 months to be mentally/physically ready to go.

As much as you may be concerned about recruiting, getting back to 100% should be your only focus right now.  If you can return at 100% for your senior year of high school and club volleyball, you will have many opportunities.

Today's recruiting reality is a college coaches recruit early and they recruit late.  Too many players/families get panicked if they are not committing by their junior year and this is unfortunate.  Because of college volleyball craziness, there will be significant roster and scholarship opportunities for players' their senior year in high school.

As you will miss your Junior year, it is critical to maximize your college coach outreach effort and use video on every email contact.  College coaches will recruit you if they believe you can make their program better.  Again, don't get caught up on missing your Junior year; focus on getting healthy and then reaching out to colleges next season!


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