September 21, 2015

The Small Libero…..

I was wondering I know that college teams are choosing taller women for hitters like OH or middle but I'm a 5'2 libero and I'm not growing any more. 

I have a very good technique, and I'm a very strong passer but I'm wanting to play college ball so do you think a college team would recruit me? If so do you think I would only be able to play on a D4 team? 

I appreciate it a lot. 

Thank you, C.C.

A few responses…..

-  For each coach, recruiting the Libero position is like choosing clothes; each coach has their own style.  Some want taller because they have a longer range, some want shorter because they are quicker.

-  Your ability to play college volleyball will be determined by 1) Your Talent, 2) Your recruiting outreach/communication effort.  If you are have the skill sets to play at the collegiate level, then that is a possibility, but remember that there are 10K liberos also looking for a collegiate spot and it is the Liberos who work the hardest in the recruiting process that secure that roster spot.

- A college will recruit you, after you reach out to them and TELL them you are a great Libero and they should recruit you.  Don't rely on them finding you, because there are 10K you's. If you want to play college volleyball then start contacting schools spring of your sophomore year in HS, and when you email them, make sure you include a video of your abilities.  Then, mentally be prepared to keep in contact, to keep reaching out, to recontact hundreds of college programs each year through until spring of your senior year.  The reality is Liberos are the last position recruited in college volleyball.

- There are 5 categories of collegiate athletics - NCAA Division I, NCAA Division II, NCAA Division III, NAIA and Junior College.  Each category has its own specific particulars and protocols.  

- I strongly suggest that you take advantage of the NCSA Athletic Recruiting Free Profile - The Free site of NCSA has a ton of information/education about the recruiting process, college recruiting tips and rules.

Control what you can control, which is working hard to improve your abilities and being consistent about reach out to college volleyball coaches to promote yourself.

If you wait for a coach to 'find you', then you are hoping to win the lottery without buying a ticket….

Coach Sonnichsen

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