September 3, 2015

College Volleyball Article on ESPNW

Nice article in ESPNW about women's DI college volleyball (thank you Mechelle Voepel)

A few of my take aways:

1.  No Top 25 love unless you are a power conference team; Western Kentucky….

2.  #1 Penn State and #2 Stanford are playing each other on Friday and it is on TV…..the Big Ten network.  After all these years, after all the hashtags, after all the promises….best we can do for a #1 and #2 match up is the Big 10 Network……

3.  Speaking of take away, the Avocado Egg rolls from The Cheesecake Factory should be in the appetizer hall of fame (but not as good when they are take out)!!!

4.  #3, #4, #4, #11 (Texas, Florida, Nebraska, Oregon) in the same tournament this coming weekend - and if you want to watch this "early season final four", sure hope you have the Longhorn Network……#sigh….

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