August 31, 2015

ESPNW and NCAA Women's Volleyball Page

Hey, Hey, Hey!!!!

This is kinda a big deal and I am disappointed (but not surprised) that I am just now finding this information out, along with trying to spread the word - ESPNW now has a complete Women's Volleyball page!!!

Maybe they had it last year and I missed it, so I am just going with the view that this is new this year!!!  

Mechelle Voepel, an ESPNW writer, has been putting together nice updates and articles about women's volleyball in the past, and I have tried to link her on this site.  In fact, I wrote her once to thank her for her support of our sport and she was very gracious in her reply, while conveying that she is trying to get more exposure for volleyball!!!

As much as I would like each of you only to get all of your college volleyball information via the world famous, visiting the ESPNW women's volleyball page has a direct positive effect - The corporations are hyper aware of statistical feedback/ratings, and if they see that their webpage for women's volleyball is receiving significant view (and increasing views), then we can enjoy more online, and possibly television, coverage.

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