July 20, 2015

NCAA DI Volleyball without making High School Varsity Volleyball?


I'm a sophomore outside hitter and I'm 5'10 and the school I go to there is a lot of competition for the outside hitter position and I heard you have a less chance of making a D1 school if you don't have 3-4 years on varsity and that makes me so nervous because I don't want anything more than play D1 even though I've only been playing for only a year I've been on a club team and everything but I honestly don't believe I'm making varsity is there anyway possible I could still play volleyball at a D1 level and if so how? 

Could you please help me?


High school volleyball experience/success has no direct correlation to securing a NCAA Division I opportunity; many, many DI players did play Varsity high school a year or two, but it is not because they made varsity that they secured a DI roster spot.  There are too many variables with High school volleyball to put statistical parameters on a direct correlations; how big is the school, how many players are within the program, how many of them play club, how experienced is the coach, what state is the school located in, etc.

Don't focus on high school Varsity/JV/Sophomore team, but rather use high school volleyball as free touches and training to supplement your club volleyball experience.  Take the positive view, that everyday after school, you get the chance to play volleyball for free and represent your school, no matter what named team it is with.

If you want to play DI, then club volleyball is the common avenue to maximize your training and exposure to college volleyball coaches via club tournaments and reaching out to college coaches to share your video, along with your club schedule.

College volleyball coaches recruit talent; that is what they focus on - Can this player make my team better?  They are not focused on awards, or high school, or USA High Performance.  The most basic question - Can this player make my team better?  If yes, they recruit the player.  If no, they don't.

Focus on improving your skill sets the best possible level, then reach out to college coaches so they can see your abilities in video and person!


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