June 25, 2015

More DIII Volleyball Recruiting

Hi Coach,

My daughter is a Sophomore (class of 2017) playing up a level on a 17U club team. She is a left-handed opposite hitter who plays all the way around and can play setter in a pinch. She definitely has a lot of development left to go, but she has mad dedication and works very hard. As an aside, she was named an alternate to the 2015 USAV HP A2 Youth National training program for this summer, and if she doesn't make that will be attending the A3 camp in Colorado.

This weekend her team played in the 17U Club division at the SPVB National Junior Classic in the Chicago area. On the first day of competition I noticed two of the DIII college coaches that have shown interest in her hanging around our court. Unfortunately what unfolded during the match was NOT her best play. She kept a good attitude and pushed through, but definitely did not live up to her highlight video (I know...says every parent...EVER).

My question is whether or not you think those two colleges will automatically write her off as a prospect based on that one observation point? How do we continue communicating with them going forward? Do we acknowledge the lapse or do we focus on the positives?

Thank you very much for any insight.


Don't stress at all - She is a 2017 and they were DIII schools.  DIII schools are not recruiting 17's because they need to focus on seniors for the incoming classes each year.  Sure, they evaluated her but they will come back and evaluate her again next year because she will be a senior and this is when it really matters to the college coach.

Also, you should never be concerned about 2 schools because this tells me you have not reached out to enough schools.  You should be communicated with many schools, while continuing to reach out to many more.  Not only because it reduces your at the court stress level (less pressure when coaches are coming and going, versus 1 and only 1 school watching), but also because there is a very real chance these 2 schools may not be the best fit (crazy coach, crazy players, bad gym, bland dorm food, low rated microbiology program, no Jimmy Johns in town).

During these summer months, focus on building the academic preparation needed to score as high as possible in the ACT/SAT tests (which is where the majority of your scholarship award will come from, unless you get a DI full athletic scholarship), and developing the volleyball skill sets so she has the opportunity at a wider number of collegiate programs!!

Stay patient and consistent, and don't over think the situation, just keep steadily managing it…

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