May 11, 2015

Height and College Volleyball Recruiting


I'm 5'8 and I'm a freshman who plays freshman, JV and varsity. I play outside and for my volleyball club, I play middle. I might be still growing but I was wondering what division I can play. 

I want to go to division 1 school but I think I'm too short for it and if I am, what position can I play?

Also if I don't get a scholarship or etc should I just drop it like my friends are when their going to college.

Thanks, sorry for all the questions!


Your ability to play NCAA Division I volleyball will be determined by your talent.  You may not control your height but you can control your volleyball abilities.  

My suggestion is to not focus on one specific collegiate division/category at this moment, but rather focus on becoming the best possible volleyball player.  As a 5'8" athlete (maybe still growing), the outside hitting position will probably yield you the most opportunities.  Even though you may have to play another position for your team(s), you can always practice/train for the Outside Hitting position.

As a 'shorter' player, your college recruiting opportunities will come later in the process than the 'taller' players.  This means two things, 1) you will have more time to increase your overall volleyball abilities, along with time to make a mature decision for your collegiate future, 2) you must be patient when you see/hear of other players making their selections.

Remember that outside of NCAA DIvision I, all the scholarships come in packages, so to say you may drop volleyball if you don't get a scholarships is a bit hasty.  Packaging the scholarship actually gives players a safety net, because no matter how crazy your college coach may end up being, they can't pull your academic/merit/need based funding!

Good luck and go practice!


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