March 12, 2015

The Volleyball Recruiting Questions of a 15 year old….

Dear Mr. Coach,

I recently found out about your website and I think that it is so genuine for you to create this special website.

I have a question about volleyball recruiting:

I am 5'6", 15 years old, sophomore in high school, I play beach and indoor volleyball…

1.) Do college coaches still recruit players when they are seniors in high school?

2.) What are the key things that college coaches look for in a player?

3.) Do college coaches like that indoor players play beach volleyball as well as indoor volleyball?

4.) How do I format an email to a college volleyball coach for recruiting?

Thank you,

Well, what can I say….I am a genuine guy……

Glad you enjoy the website and hope it can help you understand, along with manage, the craziness of college volleyball and recruiting.

Let me go ahead and jump right into answering your questions!

1) Yes, the college volleyball recruiting process is constant and fluid - Some schools make scholarship offers to 8th graders, some will be offering scholarships in July to Seniors who have already graduated high school (along with everything in-between these time frame examples and all divisions/categories of college volleyball).

2) Talent and attitude.  Do you have the talent to make their program better and do you have an attitude which will contribute to a positive team chemistry.  Volleyball players/families going through the process need to remember those two things, as they control how a coach recruits a player.

3) That is a difficult question to answer because indoor and sand are different sports.  Some coaches think there are great crossover skill benefits, while others think that playing sand hurts your indoor game.  That question could only be answered on a per coach/program basis.  Remember that there is a difference between playing on the sand, and playing sand volleyball just like there is a difference in me going to a golf course to play versus playing golf.  Just because a player steps onto a sand volleyball court to pepper or play 5 on 5 with a group of people, does not equate into being a sand volleyball player.

4.  "Dear Coach, My name is Veronica Volleyball, I graduate in 2015, I am a 5'10" Outside Hitter and I am very good.  Here is the link to my video and I hope to hear back from you soon".  Coaches want to see a video first, then want to know how to contact you if they like the video.  Make the 1st outreach simple and focused on the video.


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