March 26, 2015

College Volleyball Recruiting Success Story


Just wanted to say thank you for the site and the book.   I utilized them as well as other avenues(club, combines, etc) with my daughter so she could continue her wish to play in college.  Her goal in HS was to play and play in the south (warm weather).  My goal was for her to attend college and graduate with minimal cost for out of state tuition.  

Knowing her, I knew she would do best in a small school setting so I began my search at the junior college level.  We found D1 schools on the NJCAA site, contacted coaches, scheduled visits and I am pleased to say she received a full volleyball scholarship playing in the south for a coach she loves.  Bonus for her (and me) they also have a sand season so she is focused on academics year round!

In HS she had interest from D2/D3/NAIA but this school fit her perfectly.  She started all season and we await the beginning of sand.  I want to let others know this is a wonderful option, we have some excellent athletes in our conference.  A volleyball scholarship with playing time as a freshman-could any player(or parent) want more?

A Volleyball Parent

Great feedback for Volleyball families to not get caught up in the NCAA Division I all or nothing mindset of recruiting.  There are so many great options which all fall under "college volleyball" for recruits and the key is to be intelligent about what option is best for the player and the family!

So glad that Inside College Volleyball and this site have been a positive resource for you during your recruiting process!


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