February 19, 2015

College Volleyball and Recruiting Services

Hi Coach,

I am on my second go around with a VB student athlete. Oldest plays at DIII Franklin & Marshall where she is a sophomore. My youngest is a sophomore in high school. I know you have a relationship with NCSA but I was wondering with the proliferation of recruiting services over the last few years, is there something coaches are looking for in the way they are contacted and presented an athlete? Are do it yourself videos and direct contacts still effective? Are there recruitment services that are better than others because they charge more/specific to vb/ endorsed by USAV?

Thanks in advance, your answers have always been helpful in the past.


Anything a recruiting service does, a family can do.  It is just a question of whether or not the family has the time and technological ability to manage today's recruiting processes.  The proliferation of recruiting services is due to technology becoming manageable/accessible and the quick capture/distribution of video.  So, yes, a family can still manage the process by using youtube or vimeo for posting videos and directly contacting college volleyball coaches.

College coaches are constantly looking for talent - That is the bottom line; talent.  If the representation of these talents is delivered quickly and easily 'digestible' to the college coach then this is a better vehicle in the evaluation of a recruit. Professional or home made, the talent is what matters.

As you noted, I have a relationship with NCSA - they were the recruiting service I used when I was a NCAA DI coach.  I found them to be the best in delivering to me recruits which best fit the parameters of my recruiting needs and presenting these recruits in a manner which was easy for me to evaluate.  In my opinion, the NCSA premium service is still the best in the business because of how much effort they put into college coach relations and working with recruits/families to find that best collegiate fit!

Congratulations on your oldest's career at Franklin and Marshall and good luck with the youngest one's recruiting process!


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  1. I've wondered about this myself. I read another blog where college coaches, in the instance of recruiting services, did not seem to recommend the services, nor recruit from them because the services in general did not really understand the talent the coach was interested in. The coaches did not want to wade through hundreds of volleyball profiles that were not specific to the needs of that particular school/program....so whenever they got the emails, the deleted before reading. D3 programs utilized it most, D1s and D2s very little. I worked with my DD to send out emails in one week, and of the 9 sent out, 5 responded with interest almost immediately. Because she is a shorter OH, per your blog, she will get recruited in her senior year. And that is basically the gist of the responsive email we got back from the coaches. They are putting her on pause to see if they can get taller talent. So, if that's the case I figure I have time to research rosters, conferences, coaches, interested majors, weather, population, if it has a football program...and send out my own hundreds of emails right before the Qualifiers.


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