January 19, 2015

College Volleyball Recruiting and Libero Question #1458

I am a junior in highschool and have only played volleyball for 3 years. I was pulled up to varsity my sophomore year from playing the freshmen volleyball team. I am 5'6" and play libero in club and outside/middle in a school of short kids. 

During club tryouts this year I got sick, and to make the story short, I ended up in a 17/18 team that is not so strong. I was told that I have great passing and footwork skills by the Combines and camps I've previously attended and by my previous club coaches,  but I feel that my chances of getting looked at by college coaches are now diminshed since the team that I am in only attend the most basic tournaments and they are not that solid to get any audience. Is there anything else I can do or attend to showcase my skills? 

Im in Northern California.

Thank you


T….T….T……You have not read through the 931 posts of collegevolleyballcoach.com have you?  T….T….T……

You are in the alternative college volleyball recruiting world called Mundo Libero - Basically an altered state where the Liberos are the last player taken in the recruiting process and families exist in this half life of volleyball enjoyment and recruiting agony!  

A few points for your to consider and many of which I have written about in Inside College Volleyball:

1.  College volleyball coaches recruit players, not teams.

2.  Talent is what matters and your Talent with create your Opportunities.

3.  "…outside/middle in a school of short kids."  Outstanding!!!!  Look at the positive; you now understand what goes through the minds of attackers, which should increase your ability as a Libero!

4.  Patience Obi Wan Kenobi……Liberos are traditionally the last player taken, so you have plenty of time in the recruiting process.

5.  Don't stress about this year's club playing schedule because you really won't 'engage' heavily in recruiting until next year. Focus upon building up your skill sets via club/camps/combines.  Each touch can make you better if you make each touch count.

6.  For 18's, be aware of trying out for/selecting the best team (training) with the best travel schedule (as to get seen).

7.  If you don't have that luxury or success, then use technology - video, emails and NCSA Athletic Recruiting can be great resources for you.  

8.  Reach out to college coaches; don't wait for them to find you.

Good luck and keep working the recruiting process!

Coach Sonnichsen

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