December 1, 2014

Taking that 1st step in college volleyball recruiting


I'm a junior in high school. I play OH in club and start. I'm short though, 5'6, and know I won't be able to play D1 at a high level as an OH. I do enjoy playing Libero/DS though, so I want to pursue that at a higher level. I believe I can compete at a high level D1 school because of my skill and work ethic. 

The only problem is I'm from Canada. I want to play and attend school in the states because of the opportunities available but I don't know where to start when choosing the right college for me. 

What should I look for in a school? How do I know the program is right for me? I have not been recruited yet and I want to send videos out but don't know where to go. Should I just focus on schools with available spots for Libero and that offer my desired major? 

I'm really lost and don't know what to do to get noticed and determine what schools I want to go too.


Thank you for your email and I am glad to help.  A few suggestions:

1.  Because of your recruiting particulars, I would suggest you take a look at using NCSA Athletic Recruiting - Their Premium site (paid service) is outstanding, and their Free site is amazing in the content and eduction provided.   I recommend NCSA when a family may be overwhelmed by the entire process, and needs that support to achieve their recruiting goals.

2.  On, under the label "Recruiting Plan" you will find a general year by year outline, and in my book, Inside College Volleyball, I have provided a detailed 'how to' for moving through the yearly recruiting process.

3.  Being from Canada should not be a deterrent; you will still engage and manage the recruiting process just like any other USA volleyball player.  To this end, you should register with the NCAA Eligibility Center (Google it).

4.  To determine what to look for in a school and what schools to contact; this is a conversation which I suggest you have with your folks or trusted adult.  A large part of the recruiting process is filtering what type of school (academic, athletic, geographic, etc) is a comfortable fit for you - Only you can determine this comfort zone, but it is good to chat about it with a 'grown up'.

5.  Don't panic about not being recruited yet - As a Junior, and playing the OH2 (passing outside hitter) or Libero position, you have plenty of time left on the recruiting clock.  Players of your position/stature tend to secure their collegiate opportunity during the winter of their Senior year.

I will close with this comment - You have to make it happen because nobody will 'do it for you'.  I understand it can be overwhelming, but there are a plethora of resources available to help you manage the process.  The biggest thing you have to do is take that first step.


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