November 13, 2014

College Volleyball Recruiting Patience….

Hi Coach! 

I am a senior this year and am typically an outside hitter but also have played right side and middle. I have played 4 years on varsity and club since 6th grade. I have been emailing college coaches and as most don't reply, some do but then don't after I send film. 

I am worried because I need to start applying to schools and have so many coaches that havent yet replied and most havent seen any film of me. Should I keep emailing? Or should I wait till big tournaments so they can see me play in person? And is that too late for school applications? 

S. B.

It is best to proceed on a dual front with regards to school applications and college volleyball recruiting, but understand that these are two separate avenues.

As a volleyball recruit/signee, the college volleyball program will 'get you' into school (by chaperoning your application through the admissions process), as long as you are certified by the NCAA Eligibility Center or the NAIA Eligibility Center.

When you are applying to universities/colleges, this will be separate from being an athlete because RARELY does the Admissions Department and Athletic Department communicate (before you commit to attending a school) - Both of these departments operate under the belief that potential future college student is either going to be a traditional student or a student-athlete, and thus will engage specifically with the appropriate department.

Now is the "slow" time with college volleyball recruiting because the college coaches are very busy managing the final weeks of their season - While recruiting is very important, the season is more important because it is the season's results which impact the job security of the college coaches.

I would keep emailing college coaches/programs and always include video/film.  Once the season starts winding down in mid to later November, the college coaches move back into "recruiting mode" because they have to determine how the next year's recruiting class needs to be filled or updated.

Stay consistent in your outreach, keep an open mind to all possible levels/categories (maybe you are not getting the response you hope for because you are reaching out to college programs which are above your skill level?) and be patient - There is still lots of time left of the recruiting clock for seniors.  College programs (all levels) will be actively recruiting high school seniors into the late spring and early summer!


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