October 20, 2014

Walk On to Scholarship - College Volleyball Recruiting


Our daughter has been offered a 1st year walk on and a three year scholarship for ds/libero at a Division 1 school.  Can you please explain this offer?  Club directors are saying it is a solid offer.


Because of a wealth of talented Liberos/DS's in club volleyball (natural back row players and ball control outside hitters who parents let them down by being short), DI coaches employ "walk on to scholarship" offers.  

This allows college volleyball programs to load up on passing and ball control players, while having an 'out' if a libero/ds does not perform as expected her freshman year.  Much easier to not honor a scholarship commitment, then not renew an actual scholarship.

It is a sign of today's recruiting environment, where paying for one year of college, with the promise (and that is all it is, a promise) of receiving a 3 year scholarship is a good offer.

My questions -

1.  Is your daughter a current Senior in high school?

2.  Have you been proactive in the outreach to schools which fit your daughter's comfort zone (academic, athletic, geographic)?

3.  Does she love the school?

If you can answer Yes to each question, then I would accept the scholarship offer and say your prayers that there is not a head coach change before your daughter's sophomore season.

Should Yes be an answer to #1 and #3, then I would still say accept the scholarship offer and still pray.

But, if you can't say Yes to more than one of the questions, then I would have hesitations to accept the scholarship.

Good luck!

Coach Sonnichsen

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