July 28, 2014

Volleyball Setting Advice

Hi I love your website and I think it's so informational, I'm going to be a freshman in high school and am currently not playing club because I didn't make the one I tried out for , but I am now working with a nationally ranked club going to their open gyms and some of there practices along with private lessons. 

And I recently just started setting, I've also been told I have really good hands. My problem with setting is not get my feet to the ball fast enough (which is key) and being stopped. What are some things I can do to work on that. And is just starting to set now and not having a ton of experience going to lower my chances of making a club team where I'm working and a high school varsity team?

 Than you so much!


Thank you for the compliments about collegevolleyballcoach.com and glad it is a resource.

Setter is tough position; there is a difference between setting and being a setter.

As for your footwork, focus on not 'timing the ball'.  This means that when the ball gets to hands height, you are not also arriving at that point.  Focus on getting to the spot early and waiting; I call this beating the ball.  A large part of this ability will come with experience because you will begin to "see" the flight of the ball and better anticipate where to be.  Young or inexperienced setters are usually late to the ball, but will have much better timing/footwork as they mature.  For now, focus on beating the ball and stopping your feet whenever you set; drills, pepper, 3 on 3 or 6 on 6.

With regards to making a club team or your high school varsity team, that depends on how quickly you develop.  The two most important things that a good setter must do; 1) Set a ball that the hitters can attack for a kill, 2) Set the correct hitter in a given situation.

#1 is most important, because even if you make the tactical wrong choice, the hitter still has an opportunity to get a good swing on the ball.  If you choose the correct hitter in a situation, but the ball is low or 10 feet off the net, then that is not good.

As you are still developing, try to be consistent in your setting placement - Every set to the outside attack zones should be to the same spot no matter where you had to set the ball from.  Every set to the middle attackers should be the same, no matter where they are attacking the ball or where along the net you had to set the ball from.  Consistency is critical to gaining the trust of the hitters and the recognition of the coaches.

Good luck and keep setting!

Coach Matt

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